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Privacy Policy


*Active Indoor Leisure Limited (AIL), and its subsidiaries, registered at Ty Glas Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5DX, UK, which operate ‘BUZZ’ trampoline parks in Cardiff and Swansea, are committed to protecting your personal information. This notice summarises how we collect, store, and process your information when using our website, online booking, telephone booking , when you buy from us in person, when we correspond with you as part of a booking, when you agree to our waiver and safety terms and terms of purchase and when you request information from us. Please read the notice carefully as by providing personal data to AIL we will deem that you have consented to the processing of such data. If having read this notice you are unclear about how we process your data, please contact us at and we will provide the clarification you need. Justification: Any personal data we retain is justified on the legal basis defined within the General Data Protection Regulation on one or more of the following grounds: * we have your consent * we need your data to provide you with something you’ve purchased from us * we use your data to make it easier when you want to buy from us again * your data forms part of a legally binding agreement between us If you have never bought from us, the data we retain is only that which you have explicitly consented to. If you have bought from us before and that includes an activity that you and/or a dependent of yours participated in or plan to participate in, we may collect data justified on all the grounds above. Retention Period: Where your data forms part of a legal agreement between us, e.g. a safety agreement, we may retain that data indefinitely on the basis that we might need it to defend ourselves in a future case between us. If your data is needed for us to provide you with a forthcoming activity or event, we will retain your data at least until after the activity or event. If you ask us to remove your data before the activity or event, we might not be able to provide you with that activity or event. After an activity or event, your data may be retained until you request that we remove it from the system on the basis that by retaining your data we make it easier for you to buy from us again. If you don’t buy from us again for a period of greater than two years, we may remove your data from our systems. Where your data is it stored: Your data remains within our systems or within the systems of third parties that process data on our behalf. Any such parties agree to process data based on our instructions and requirements consistent with this Privacy Notice and GDPR. We do not share your data with any other third parties. When and How We Will Contact You: We may contact you via phone, post, or email as necessary if we have a change to, an issue with, or a query about an existing booking. We may send you information on a periodic basis to keep you informed about special offers, new activities, changes to activity schedules and other information that you might find of interest. You can always choose to opt-out of these communications by following the procedure detailed in every email we send you. Credit Cards: We do not store credit card data. All credit card processing is done on secure pages using SSL encryption, or through other secure methods using PCI compliant third-party systems.

Cookie Policy


How we use Cookies: When you visit our website , it may send your device cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your device via the browser that identify your device to allow the sites to run more effectively, providing you with a good experience and allowing us to improve our sites. We use the following cookies: * Analytical/performance cookies: allow us to analyse the number of visitors and how they navigate our website. This helps to improve the way our sites work, for example, by ensuring that users easily find what they are looking for and identifying any areas that may need alteration. These cookies are anonymised and therefore cannot be used to identify or track individuals. * Functionality cookies: are used to recognise when you return to our sites and are required for their operation. They enable us to personalise our content for you, greet you by name and remember your preferences, e.g. your choice of language or region. * Targeting cookies: record the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We use this information to make our sites and any advertising displayed on them more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose. * Third party cookies: When we embed images and videos from third party sites, cookies from these sites might be used. If you use a share button, the service you have chosen to share content through may send a cookie. We do not control the deployment of these cookies and will not block cookies from those websites. You should check the relevant third-party website for more information about their use of cookies. You are not obliged to accept cookies and you can modify your browser to not accept all or some cookies or manage the way cookies are accepted by changing browser settings. If you block all cookies you may not be able to access all, or parts of our sites and our sites may not function properly or at all. It may be possible to set your browser to ask for consent before each cookie is deployed on your device; this will slow down your browsing experience. You may also be able to block just third-party cookies, enabling you to opt out of behavioural monitoring activity, or you may be able to block specific companies’ cookies. Finding Out About Data We Keep: You have the right to know what data we keep about you. Contact us at , or write to our address above and ask for a Subject Access Request Form. We’ll send the form and further instructions. You’ll need to provide us with proof of identity and address. We’ll respond with the information you have requested within 30 days including full explanations of what we keep and the reasons why we keep your data. Requests to Correct, Remove or Transfer Data: You can ask us to correct inaccurate data, remove data that we have your consent to keep, or have data transferred to somewhere else. Start this by completing a Subject Access Request Form and once we’ve responded, you can continue the process by requesting specific actions about specific data we keep. If we decide that we won’t perform some or all the actions you request, we’ll detail the reasons and justifications for that decision and provide further guidelines should you wish to appeal. If we agree to remove data, we may still retain some data from your history in an anonymised form so that we can still use it in our ongoing analysis of customer behavioural patterns. Objections & Complaints: If you want to object about data we keep or the way we keep or use your data, please contact us at the address first shown or at If don’t respond within 30 days, or you are dissatisfied with the way we’re handling a complaint, you may at any time escalate to the Information Commissioners Office at www.

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